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What is Google Meet and how do I use it?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Google Meet is an online video conferencing and chatting platform available to all students and teachers of ASD. Google Meetings can be creating using the Google Calendar, Google Meet button, through your district email, or inside of Canvas or Google Classroom. Google Meet gives you a chance to control certain meeting restrictions and settings. The video below will help detail how to use Google Meet more effectively.

To keep students from joining early when generating the post in Canvas or Google Classroom, just keep the page or assignment unpublished until closer to class time. That will keep the kids from getting the link too early. In Google Meet, there’s no button or feature to terminate or end the meeting for everyone. In other words, the video conference doesn’t stop unless everyone leaves the room. As a result, some students tend to use the meeting for other purposes aside from class. If you can’t wait for everyone to leave, you can remove them manually from the room. Have everyone leave the call. For those that don't leave, you can follow these steps below.

For Google Meet users on their web browser:

  1. At the top left side of your side of your screen, click the Members icon to show every participant in the meeting.image
  2. Under the People tab, click the drop-down icon beside a participant’s name.image
  3. From the options, click the remove icon to kick the participant from your video conference.

Students shouldn't be able to rejoin these sessions once everyone leaves the room, thus ending it permanently.

I hope this helps answer a few questions that I know have been asked lately.


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