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I receive Hold for Authentication error when trying to print.
Last Updated 10 months ago

Usually this occurs the first time trying to print to a new copier. The printer icon on your dock will be bouncing up and down trying to get your attention and then you will be presented with the screens below.

If you receive the Hold for Authentication error message when trying to print to the ASD Copiers on a Mac, please follow the steps below to resolve:


1. First press the 'Retry' button that is located to the right of the error

2. When it prompts you to enter a username and password, please enter your District Username and Password AND for your own sanity, please press “Remember this password in my keychain”


After this your print job should be sent to the printer you printed to.

Once you get to the printer, put in your code and your print job should just need to be “Released” to print.

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