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How do I sign in and chat with Microsoft Teams?
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Teams is available on your computer, a web browser, or mobile device including iPhone, iPad, and Android device. In this guide we will cover signing in and starting a chat message. There are more things that Teams can do, but these are the basics we will cover.

Teams is also available at

To begin using Teams:

  1. Look for the Microsoft Teams link on your launchpad. The icon should be there if you sign in to your computer using an ASD domain username and password. The icon looks like this:image
  2. Click the icon and you will see the following screen after a few moments.image
  3. Enter your email address and click sign in. Enter your password if you are prompted for one. In most cases, you will be signed in automatically.
  4. Once signed in you will see the following on the left sidebar:
  5. image
  6. Click Chat
  7. Once you start conversations, they will show in the left sidebar.
  8. Click the Compose button to start a chat with someone in the district.image
  9. Type a name in the To: field and type your message!
  10. Chat includes GIFs!

Explore Microsoft Teams and see how it might be useful to you!

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